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General English

General English Course

General English
*This is a non AQF Award course; Therefore, students will not receive an award upon completion
Course Overview
The General English (GE) course is designed for learners who want to develop and improve their English language skills and ability to communicate in social, work, and everyday real-life situations. This helps with the understanding and use of English during the study and work in Australia.
It provides an excellent bridge to further academic studies, businesses, and social life.
In this course, students will learn to do the following:
  1. develop and expand their range of grammar and vocabulary and language structures
  2. improve their core skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing
  3. practice using English grammar and vocabulary
  4. practice pronunciation and intonation
  5. develop and improve understanding of native and non-native English speakers
  6. improve fluency and accuracy in spoken and written English
  7. develop skills and confidence to use English outside the classroom.
The General English Course is available to international students at four levels: Elementary Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate.
Duration: 12 weeks per level (excluding holidays) International Student Fees:
  • Tuition fee: $240/per week
  • Resources fee: $10/per week
Every Monday 
CRICOS Code: 0100088    
Course Level
Course level will be assigned upon completion of a placement test. An end of course test is to be undertaken by students at the end of each 12-week course to ensure they are ready to progress to the next level.
  1. Elementary – A1 CEFR
  2. Pre-Intermediate – A2 CEFR
  3. Intermediate – B1 CEFR
  4. Upper Intermediate – B2 CEFR